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Housing Authority of Murray

Serving the community of Murray in Calloway County, Kentucky

About the Housing Authority of Murray

The Housing Authority of Murray was founded in 1962, before HUD was officially formed. We currently manage over 200 units of public housing in six areas inside the city limits of Murray and have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence every year since 1992 for being a "High Performer" under the Public Housing Assessment System.

Located just outside the front door to our main office, there is a memorial plaque dedicating the building.

Note the last names of the members of the commission.  Many of the streets in our housing areas were named after the people responsible for creating them.

The History of Public Housing in America
Public housing was established by the U.S. Housing act of 1937. The purpose of this act was to provide homes for Americans of low to moderate income. HUD, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, was formed in 1965 as a Cabinet-level agency. Funding is provided by HUD through the Public Housing Operating Fund.
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