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Do You Qualify for Public Housing in Murray?

There are several steps in the qualification process. You must fill out an application, complete the additional forms, obtain all necessary documents, and return them to the Housing Authority of Murray.

The Occupancy Specialist will process your application, and perform background, landlord, criminal, and credit checks to determine your eligibility. If you are determined to be eligible for public housing, you will be placed on the waiting list for an apartment size appropriate for your family composition.

All applicants on the waiting lists are processed in the order of their application submission (based on the date and time).

You may want to review the Resident Handbook for pertinent information about being a resident of the Housing Authority of Murray. Just click on the 'Resident Services' tab to your left.

The steps in the application process are outlined below.

  1. Download and fill out the forms listed in the instructions.

  2. Fill out an online application.

  3. Provide all documents listed in the instructions and return with the forms to the Housing Authority of Murray.

  4. Qualify based on your income - please see the information and link below to find out if you are within HUD's Income Limits.

  5. Qualify based on credit report information.

  6. Obtain acceptable Landlord references.

  7. Pass a criminal background check.

Income Limits

HUD publishes income limits every year for each county in the United States. In order to be eligible for Public Housing, your income cannot exceed the published limits. You can look at the income limits for Calloway County by clicking on the link below (all sources of income for your household will be included).

  1. Click the link below.

  2. Click on "2023 Income Limits Documentation".

  3. Click on the button for Income Limits.

  4. Choose "Kentucky" and "Calloway County" from the scroll down menus.

  5. Click on the button to view county calculations.

2023 Income Limits

Note: you must go through the application eligibility process in order to know if you qualify.

How to Apply

The following documents must be submitted to our office within 10 business days of submitting your online application or your application will not be processed.

The following forms MUST be printed and submitted to our office along with the information above.

You will now be redirected to our application site.